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Water Police in 1981

Mobile Police Fleet - This article appeared in The Star newspaper on Wednesday, August 26, 1981. The transcribed text is below the image.

Mobile Police Fleet The police launches patrolling our northern waters carry experienced crewmen with high proficiency in their trade. Sergeant Bill Spiteri is the officer in charge of the three police launches. He works on all of the boats and has spent a great deal of time stationed on Salloo, the mother ship of the fleet. The Salloo is 60 feet long and has a keel depth of 6 feet making it useful for all surveillance work.

Skipper Sergeant Wayne Torney told the Star "We took command of this vessel in June last year. Since that time it has proved invaluable to our Fisheries enforcement work and Search and Rescue operations. Valued at over $500,000 the Salloo is equipped with a satellite navigator, compasses, a radar with 60 mile radius, two echo sounders, UHF and VHF radio and a contact system with a world wide communication band.

Journeys of 10 days are common and trips of over 400 hours have been recorded. The Salloo is based in Gove but often visits Darwin when repairs to its fibreglass hull or heavy equipment are required. Powered by two V8 92GM turbo-charged diesel motors, the Salloo has recorded speeds exceeding 31 knots. Salloo's range is over 1600 km allowing it to patrol the entire gulf region with limited stopping time.

Harbour surveillance occurs on a more regular basis than open sea navigation and the 30 foot police launch Norlaw performs this role. Norlaw has recently undergone refitting performed almost entirely by the crew, First Class Constable Greg Nutt-Foster, Constable Greg Campbell and First Class Constable Peter Budd. The Norlaw is powered by a 210 horsepower 3208 Cat Diesel and has an all aluminium Striker body. It's longest run has been to Cobourg Peninsula and it serves the essential role of Search and Rescue in closed waters.

The Star, Wednesday, August 26, 1981, p 11

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