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Frequently Asked Questions


Complete a membership application form and submit to the NTPMHS email. 

 Membership Application


The benefits are:

  • Access to the information and items collected

  • Subscription to the Citation magazine

  • Being part of the effort to preserve this rich history.


The society does endeavour with its limited resources to assist other non profit bodies and families of members to find what they are looking for without charge.


In other circumstances it may be possible to engage research services for an hourly fee by negotiation.


Not at present. The NT Police Association has a wide range of merchandise.


The current membership fees are:


  • Annual fee
    (Concession Card Holders)

  • Annual fee

  • (Non Concession Card Holders)


The collection includes:

  • a wide variety of items used in police service from uniforms to communications equipment

  • 'oral history' recordings made by members regarding their time in the force.

  • Photograph collection both physical and digital.

  • Collection of documents and archival material.


Photographs can be provided at cost in appropriate circumstances or as part of collection exchange with similar organisations.


You should outline what you are seeking in an email and an estimation of costs can be provided. 

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