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Water Police - Early History

Some of the early retired members from the Police Marine and Fisheries Section (under various titles) were;

(help us develop this list into an honour roll by providing additional names and dates of service. At present it is quite incomplete and not in sequence)

Peter Hamon,

Gary Burgdorf

Wayne Torney,

Greg Nutt-Foster,

Peter Budd,

John O'Connell,

Peter "Polly" Russell,

Sydney "Skip" Howard,

Barney Noonan,

Charlie Ortlipp,

Brian Harrison,

Dallas Graetz,

Bill Spiteri,

Rex Mitchell,

Tom Davern,

Phil Campbell,

Reg Henshaw,

Greg Campbell,

Wayne Nayda,

Marty James,

Glen McPhee.

Greg Nutt-Foster

Greg Nutt-Foster returned to Darwin in 2003 to live. He had joined the NT Police in 17 February 1973 (see Squad 12) and moved to water police in 1975. He retired on 1 July 1987 after attending the America's Cup in Fremantle with an NT Police Boat.

Greg passed away on 27 December 2009 and his ashes were scattered into the ocean near 6 mile buoy in Darwin on the 22nd of May 2010. Padre Peter Wright conducted the service which organised by Sgt. Gary Casey of the (then) Marine and Fisheries Enforcement Section and was attended by his son Tom and daughter Jo as well as members of the NT Police and NT Police Association.

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