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Wartime Justice

Chief Justice Thomas Alexander Wells remained in Darwin after the first Bombing raid and Constable Lionel McFarland remained as his driver even after the rest of the police force was withdrawn 6 weeks later.

Hands on Justice

In the weeks after the first raid a provost officer and warrant officer became drunk and created a roadblock at Parap and started shooting out oncoming headlights. Judge Wells went to Parap to visit Constable McFarland and ran into this pair. Wells who was a former heavyweight boxing champion of New South Wales confronted the two and had them surrender their firearms before anyone was hurt. The officer was later discharged and the Warrant Officer reduced in rank to Corporal.

Travelling Court

In 1943 Judge Wells had traveled to Alice Springs for court. His driver, Constable Lionel McFarland, was asked to serve a summons for court in Darwin at a camp 56 miles out from Pine Creek on his return journey to Darwin. The offender was charged with stealing items from Army stores.

When McFarland approached the man he said "Can I give you the money now? I'm guilty all right but I haven't got the petrol to get to Darwin". In the end Judge Wells opened court standing in the drizzling rain beside the car. The offender was fined one pound with ten shillings costs which was paid by cheque immediately.

to add-court adjourned during the raid -walkabout after the raid

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