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Timber Creek Police Museum - 1908 Station

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

The 1908 Police Station was opened as a Museum in 1988.

Dwayne Jones, Timber Creek local resident and grandson of Tracker George dresses in post WWII Police Tracker uniform at the front door of the 1908 Timber Creek Police Station and now Timber Creek Police Museum for a filming session in 2012.

Police members Mick Cornford and Robert Mills with ex members and family.

Camille Fogarty holds the official opening plaque for the 1908 Timber Creek Police Station which was opened by Chief Minister Steve Hatton on 11 June 1988 Restoration was funded by the Bicentenial Authority. Camille assisted with the opening of the museum, as well as research and collection of material.

Timber Creek residents who new many of the past members and trackers that worked at the station attended the opening.

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