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Rangers - National Parks

National Park Rangers manage National Parks under the Director of National Parks / Parks Australia. Parks have specific legislation relating to them in addition to wildlife legislation so rangers also have a compliance and enforcement role.

Because of the hazards within parks the rangers are also a vital asset for Search and Rescue missions in their areas.

Kakadu National Park is the most visited park in the NT. Rangers at the Park have a long history of compliance and enforcement operations as it has was a popular destination for poachers prior to it becoming a national park and there is a need to maintain vigilance to protect the existing wildlife.

In Kakadu National Park the rangers are frequently called to assist with rescues especially on the South Alligator River.

The book Cops, Crocs and Leopard Skin Jocks by Bob Magor discusses many poaching trips by Roy James Wright and his associates into this area as well as the cat and mouse antics with rangers and police.

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