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Peter McAulay Centre

The Peter McAulay Centre (PMC) was completed late in 1985 and served as the central complex for policing in Darwin and controversially resulting in the shut down or minimization of other stations. Initially it was called the Berrimah Police Complex (BPC) and was renamed to the Peter McAulay Centre (PMC) after the death of former Commissioner Peter McAulay under whose administration it was constructed.

(photo of front counter entrance, north face, after construction)
(photo of front counter entrance, north face, after construction)

Initially it was used as a centralised patrol base for general duties but over time this function returned to the other stations. The Joint Emergency Services Communications Centre (JESCC) is housed at PMC and has been since it was built. PMC has also been the home for the Police, Fire and Emergency Services College. When built it became the Headquarters building until this function was moved to the NAB building in Smith Street along with many administrative units. PMC also housed a central Watch House until this moved to the Mitchell Centre.

With the movement of other units crime command expanded to fill many of the places vacated and currently they constitute the largest component in the complex.

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