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Objectives of the Police Aide

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

The following document was taken from Police file 87/273 and gives the duties expected of a Police Aide

Surveillance and surveillance intelligence co-ordination Requires the Aide to maintain very frequent extended road and boat patrols of inland, coastal and riverine areas of the Police District. The Aide is to be permitted the time and the means of transport to pursue this and each patrol is to be very carefully recorded in the Police Aide Journal. To cover the periods which the Aide is personally unable to provide this duty, he is to generate an enthusiasm and understanding amongst all members of each community in the district.

Law and Order

The Aide has the power to apprehend under section 128 with / without presence or supervision of Police. In all other matters he requires either instruction or immediate supervision. He has personally proven his ability to conduct field enquiries, serve summonses, execute warrants and enter same. He has a deep understanding of liquor related offences and is able to make sound decisions regarding preventative measures or apprehensions as the case may be. It should be remembered that this is a responsibility that is to be applied to people in remote areas as well as at his base station. Generate a good understanding and relationship between the community and the Police The subject needs little clarification other than the understanding that the resultant benefits permit the ultimate acceptance of Police and the ease and success with which the duties are accomplished. As with the preceding, the responsibilities are to all equally within the Police District and not solely at the base station. To facilitate the good will of people of the community it is necessary to bring a service to them, services such as motor vehicle registration, licences, firearms – all the usual patrol type services. The Aide can provide this as and how he is trained at the Police Station.[11] In 1984 Police Aides were included within the Police Determination, their salary was calculated on the basis of a comparison between the qualifications of a Police Constable and a Police Aide. Their wages were initially set at 75% of a Probationary Constables wages. In April 1985 there were 21 serving Police Aides at the following stations.[12]

Police Aides employed in 1985

Police Aide, Location, Supervising Station

Northern Command – Number 2 Division Alfred Djupanduwuy, Galiwinku, Nhulunbuy Toby Gabalga, Maningrida, Maningrida Timothy Mangurra, Alyangula, Alyangula Noel Mangurra, Numbulwar, Alyangula Charles Tipungwuti, Nguiu, Pularumpi Colin Worumbu, Wadye, Wadye Pious Tipungwuti, Milikapiti, Pularumpi George Djandjomeer, Gunbalunya, Gunbalunya Tommy Munyarrun, Yirrikala, Nhulunbuy Stephen Yiniwanga, Maningrida, Maningrida John Kelantumam, Nguiu, Pularumpi Northern Command – Number 3 Division Gordon Nawundulpi, Ngukurr, Ngukurr Fred Ryan, Bamyili, Maranboy Joe James, Lajamanu, Lajamanu Jacob Riley, Beswick, Maranboy Southern Command – Number 3 Division Billy Miller, Borroloola, Borroloola Danny Sandy, Tennant Creek, Tennant Creek Southern Command – Number 2 Division Harold Matasia, Finke, Kulgera Toby Farmer, Yulara, Yulara Harry Collins, Yuendemu, Yuendemu Tommy Rice, Yuendemu, Yuendemu

In November 1991 the wages of a Police Aide were set as follows. Police Aide salary scales – 1991

Rank / $ per annum 1st year of service / 20,315 2nd year of service / 21,065 3rd year of service / 21,813 4th year of service / 22,184 Police Aide First Class / 22,575 Senior Police Aide / 23,325

In 1990 an internal report was released titled STRATEGIES FOR INCREASED MULTI CULTURAL RECRUITING. In this report the 24 serving Police Aides were asked if the wished to become Police Constables, 14 answered in the affirmative and the majority of these admitted, education was the biggest inhibitor of them applying along with age.[13] [1] File 79/1161 [2] File 83/1752 [3] File 81/602 [4] File 83/1753 [5] File 79/1161 folio 102. [6] File 83/1754 [7] Ibid – report by Sgt Higgins dated 28 Nov 1979 [8] File 83/1755 [9] Ibid. [10] File 87/273 [11] Police File 87/273 [12] ibid [13] Wilson 1990 in HQ File 95/0800 Western Australia Police had a similar scheme - read about in on the WA Police Historical Society Website - "Happy 30th Birthday to Aboriginal Police Aides"

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