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Murder of Peter Robinson

Dean Peter Robinson, aged 19, was murdered by Daniel Lothar Heiss and Peter Michael Kamm during a hunting trip on a station near the Stuart Highway west of Borroloola in 1990. The evidence before the court is that Heiss shot at Robinson but missed before Kamm fired two shots killing him. The offenders wrapped his body in a sleeping bag with a rag around his head and placed his body in a hole before dousing it with petrol and setting it alight. After burning the body the covered it over using debris and an ants nest.

Heiss escaped from Darwin Prison (Then Berrimah Gaol) with another prisoner (Baker who was also charged with murder) on December 9, 1995, resulting in a massive police manhunt that lasted 12 days and involved over 200 police in the Darwin rural area.

Kamm was granted parole in 2010 and Heiss was granted parole in June 2011.

Sources: - A correction was made to sequence of first names of the victim of this crime as reported in the paper by a family member.

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