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Katherine Police Station

Katherine is situated 320 kilometres south of Darwin. It is a regional centre to people from many isolated communities as well as a tourist destination to places like Nitmiluk Katherine Gorge. The Tindal air base is home to a major RAAF base. Long having had a history of cattle production in the region it is increasingly seeing horticultural development.

A significant incident in the history of Katherine police was the murder of Constable Condon who was shot by a man with a rifle while responding to a call in the main street. The Katherine Police social Club is named in honour of Bill Condon.

Katherine floods

Katherine has had several floods since it's establishment - during any disaster the officer in charge of the police station becomes the local counter disaster controller acting on advice from a counter disaster committee formed from local community leaders.

1957 flood
1957 flood

1998 Flood
1998 Flood

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