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International Police Association

The International Police Association (IPA) is a fraternal organisation for serving and retired members of Police Forces in over 60 countries all over the world. IPA members provide support to other members whilst they are travelling and share non operational information as well as foster social ties within and between different areas. The benefits of membership are outlined in the IPA Australia website. IPA Australia

The IPA is not an industrial organisation and has no operational role. The IPA has a number of sponsorship Awards such as the Ray Dodd Award which sponsors members children to the International Youth Gathering held in a different country each year and the Arthur Troop Scholarship which supports a member to conduct professional development research. Professional development seminars, lectures and courses are provided by some IPA sections. Overtime many members of the NT Police have been members of the IPA. The NT does not have a region of its own due to the small size but instead it is a part of the South Australian Region.

Group photograph from the National AGM weekend 2013 in Adelaide with uniform members from all police jurisdictions.

Memorial wall at the SA Police Academy - Image taken during the IPA National AGM tours in 2013

IPA Australia and NZ members at Thebarton Barracks during a tour on the National AGM weekend 2013 in Adelaide.

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