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Fort Wellington

On the 15th June,1827, a convoy consisting of the following ships, HMS Success, Merchantman Marquis of Landsdown, the colonial brigs Amity and Caledonian arrived off Croker Island. On the 16th June, Capt. Stirling dispatched a boat to explore Raffles Bay. The boat party gave a favourable report, and on the 17th June, the convoy sailed into Raffles Bay. On the 10th June?, a temporary camp was set up. Capt. STIRLING came ashore with Captain Henry SMYTHE of the 39th of Foot, who was to be the future Commandant. Stirling took possession of the surrounding country in the name of King George V. Fort Wellington was named after the Duke of Wellington of Waterloo fame.

Attacks continued on Fort Dundas and in February 1829, the Colonial Barque Lucy Anne sailed out of Kings Cove for Fort Wellington, evacuating the garrison and convicts. They arrived at Fort Wellington on Raffles Bay, Coburg Peninsula, arriving there on 14th February, 1829 Stock pens were built to hold stock. A garden was started; a stockade, barracks and blockhouse were also built. Capt.STIRLING sailed in July; Raffles Bay was not suitable as a settlement. There were health problems, the water supply was inadequate and it had a difficult access from the sea. Fort Wellington was garrisoned by detachments from 39th of Foot, 57th of Foot and Royal Marines. Instructions for the abandonment of the Fort were issued on the 22nd June, 1829. On the 29th July, 1829 HMS Satellite, the merchantman Reliance and brig Thompson arrived to evacuate the garrison. The last stores had been loaded on an additional vessel the Governor Phillip, got under way at 10am 29th August, 1829. The fort was undestroyed for the use of and under the control of a native named Wellington. He promised to take it over until the British returned. So ended the British settlement at Fort Wellington. Capt Stirling with a detachment of the 39th opened the Swan River Settlement in Western Australia.

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