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DEANS, Joan Mary OAM

Joan Deans was the wife of bush policeman Frank Deans.

Joan joined the Commonwealth Medical Service and was posted to Alice Springs Hospital where she met Frank 'Tiny' Deans. The Padre for the wedding was from the AIM, the bridesmaid a nurse and the best man a policeman and long term friend of the family, Bert Mettam, and the Matron of Honour and Host were the Superintendent and Matron of the local Aboriginal Settlement. After becoming married they immediately left for Hatches Creek and spent their wedding night camped in the bush. Joan authored several stories about life in the NT. One such story entitled 'A Greenhorn in the Bush' was published in the Citation magazine in the June 1968 edition. Joan and Frank later moved to Aldgate in South Australia Read a pictorial story about Joan Deans return to Hatches Creek.

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