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Commonwealth Police

From 1911 to 'Self Government in 1978' the Northern Territory has come under Commonwealth Jurisdiction.

Senior Constable Des Phelps was a Commonwealth Police officer based in the Mitchell Street Court House in the 1960's

His first arrest was Victor Lazar who was convicted of larceny of small goods from the old Darwin Hospital in Mitchell Street.

Sergeant (later Inspector) Robert Claude Forrester was in charge of the local detachment in the 1970's

David Watters joined the Commonwealth Police in 1960 and later moved to NT Police. Ian Rogers, Peter (Boots) Guinane, John Nimbs also moved from the Commonwealth to the NT Police chasing the 3,200 pounds and conditions available at that time.

David Duffield joined the Commonwealth Police in 1970 in Perth and transferred to the Darwin Office in December 1971. In 1974 he joined the Northern Territory Force.

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