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Careflight provides aero-medical services to the NT Government and in particular the Department of Health. Established in 1986 they have an office at Darwin Airport with both fixed wing and rotary wing assets. Careflight not only transport patients but provide a high level of medical care. Prior to 2014 careflight was operating Kawasaki BK-117 helicopters from Darwin and were the only winch capable helicopter available for SAR missions other than the RAAF CHC helicopter based in Katherine. Mission weight limitations initially meant that the winch could not always be attached requiring a mission delay on some ocassions while it was fitted. In mid 2014 an Augusta Westland AW139 was brought into service. The careflight helicopter provides winch capability which is essential for rescue in difficult locations. It is capable of night flight with night vision and can home on distress beacons.


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