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Until the mid 1964 Northern Territory Police wore the Australian Coat of Arms on their cap badges then it was replaced with the kangaroo insignia.

The main feature of the silver plated hat and cap badge is a kangaroo, symbolising the Australian Outback, this is situated beneath the St Edwards Crown, the crown used at coronations, symbolising Commonwealth links. Either side of the kangaroo is surrounded by a laurel wreath featuring the Territory's floral emblem, the Sturt Desert Rose. At the centre of the badge is a blue scroll depicting the words ‘Northern Territory’, beneath the kangaroo is a larger blue scroll with the word ‘Police’ in capital letters.

Commonwealth Police Badge Photo used with permission of

Commonwealth Police Badge with NT rocker. Photo used with permission of

The Detectives gold badge was introduced in 2011. Its clip at the back allows it to be easily worn when detectives need to be identified as police.

'Bush Hat' with the current hat badge.

This is the cap/hat badge for Police Auxiliary members. Photo used with permission of

Aboriginal Community Police badge Photo used with permission of

Commonweatlh Peace Officer Badge - Image from the Australian War Memorial.

Photo used with permission of

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