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Anna Mary Dow

(from "A Force Apart?")

In the Territory, not only senior officers’ wives raised money for charity. Anna Mary Dow, who was born in 1869 in Redruth, South Australia, married Mounted Constable Dow in 1893. She arrived in Darwin in September 1894 together with a son. She then travelled to Pine Creek with her husband who had been stationed there since 1893. The next newspaper reference to Mrs Dow is to record the birth of her second child, William Macfarlane, in July 1895. In 1900, Anna Dow was recorded as having organised a collection to provide Pine Creek with an organ. She raised £9 9s 9p. The only other reference to Anna Dow is in 1909 when she was paid four shillings per day as matron of the gaol at Alice Springs (then called Stuart) at a rate of £4 1s 8p per annum.

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