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Article from the eDRUM - 1 November 2011 - Link

Commander Pope’s career spanned over 35 years, having commenced duties on 13 September 1976. Following his graduation he commenced his long and distinguished career serving in Alice Springs, Finke, Oenpelli, Tennant Creek, Katherine, Darwin and Alyangula. He also performed relief duties at various stations across the NT with the first 10 years spent serving in some of our remotest locations. The following 10 years saw Commander Pope promoted into various supervisory roles, encouraging the members he supervised to engage the community in crime prevention and detection. One of the most evident achievements in this regards was the establishment of the Kalano Community Patrol and liquor licensing working party to coordinate a community approach to alcohol and social problems within Katherine. At the end of 20 years service, Commander Pope was stationed as the Officer in Charge, Alyangula Police, for a short period before being promoted to the rank of Superintendent. He was transferred to Darwin and then returned south to Tennant Creek. In 2001 Max was promoted to the rank of Commander, transferring to Katherine. In 2003 he returned to Darwin to manage Darwin Region before transferring to his final posting as the Commander, Human Resource Development attached to the Police, Fire and Emergency Services Training College. Commissioner, John McRoberts described Max as the quintessential ‘quiet achiever’ who demonstrated a high level of commitment to both the NT Police Force and the community he served. “Your career was spent in locations many people will never visit and you were highly regarded for the calm and methodical manner in which you undertook your duties and the guidance you provided to younger members. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of the NT Police Force for your commitment and outstanding service as a police officer. I wish you all the best for the future and a happy and healthy retirement.” Commissioner McRoberts said.

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