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MANNION, James Joseph

James Joseph 'Jim' MANNION

Joined: 29/03/1936 - confirmed 28/9/1937

Promoted to Sergeant 10 October 1947

Promoted to Sergeant First Class 29 April 1954

Promoted to Inspector 30 April 1959 Ceased: 18/9/1968 (died whilst serving) Cessation Rank: Chief Inspector Registered Number: 5 Spouse: Nancy Gwenneth Collins Children: Robert and Nancy Served: Darwin, Tennant Creek, Mataranka, Brock's Creek, Lake Nash, Harts Range, Katherine, Roper River and Alice Springs Enlisted in the AIF on 9 August 1940 and was posted to 2/27 Bn during WWII and was honourably discharged on 5 October 1944

In 2008 a mass in honour of Mannion was held at St Mary's Cathedral in Darwin along with a graveside service at the McMillian's Road Cemetry conducted by Chaplain Peter Wright.

Citation Nov 2008 - Another story involving Jim Mannion appears in that edition entitled "Police Approved Blindfolded Drive" regarding police supervision of magician John Calvert while he was visiting Darwin.

An Oral History Transcript by Nancy Mannion is held at NT Archives. NTRS 226 - TS 85

An article on the Mannions time in the Territory was prepared by Jim Mannions Daughter Nancy Litchfield - The Mannion Family History.


Mannion was awarded a George Medal in 1956 following a fire at Campbell's Store in Tennant Creek on 3 December 1956 (for entering a fiercely burning building to check for occupants). James Mannion responded to the shooting murder of Constable Bill Condon in the main street of Katherine.

Sergeant Mannion who was at the time the Officer in Charge of Katherine Police Station arrived and was grazed in the leg by a shot fired through the drivers door. He advanced on the rifleman who lost his nerve and fled into the bush. The incident was also retold in cartoon form in the Eagle magazine in 1962.

Mannion Street in Katherine was named after James Joseph Mannion, Chief Inspector of the NT Police.

Mannion was awarded a Police Long Service Medal and a Good Conduct Medal in March 1965.

Commendations and Discipline:

  • Commended by the Commonwealth Migration officer concerning action resulting in the arrest of five Malay Pearling Indents in July 1952.

  • Commended by the Administrator for his courage in connection with the apprehension of Stapleton in July 1952 (Condon Murder).

  • Commended for efficient carriage of duties by Commissioner while a relieving inspector in 1958.

  • Awarded a George Medal on 15 April 1958 for bravery during a fire in the A.F. Campbell and Company store at Tennant Creek on 3 December 1956.

  • Admonished for failing to obey a direction 25 October 1938.

  • Reprimanded for tone of correspondence to Director of Native Affairs on 26 June 1950.

NT Police Association

James Mannion had also been a key figure in the NT Police Association.

"J.J.Mannion was the prime mover, and initiated the establishment of the NTPA in an attempt to introduce reform into the management of rank and file members most of whom I am told were required to work unpaid overtime and 12 days per roster." "Naturally this proposal met with considerable resistance from the Public Service and the Administrator who at the particular time, held the rank of Commissioner of Police." "In 1940 J.J.Mannion enlisted in the Army, and the establishment of the proposed Association lapsed until 1946 when he once again resumed the challenge." "J.J.Mannion had an integrity which could never be questioned and was often said to have a tenacity which was almost an obsession. Retired members who served with him from the early fifties agree his attitude promoted at all times the letter of the law, absolutely no compromise." - letter from Retired Police Association (RPANT) - 2005.

During the Association Conference in August 2012 the NT Police Association Boardroom was dedicated as the "Jim Mannion" boardroom. Her Honour the Honourable Sally Thomas AM, Administrator of the NT conducted the ceremony and the room was blessed by Catholic Bishop Eugene Hurley with President of the NTPA Vince Kelly master of ceremonies. The following night at the NTPA Ball Tim Egan, former NT policeman during Mannion's time who went on to join the Australian Federal Police gave a keynote address detailing the times and characters of Mannion's era. Jim's son Robert and Daughter Nancy, with her husband Jim Litchfield, attended both events.

"Citation" Magazine

James Mannion was involved with the publication of the Citation magazine which is the flagship publication of the NT Police Museum and Historical Society.

'Citation was started in the mid 1960s and Jim Mannion was its heart and soul' - Barry Frew - Citation December 2005.

He was the editor between 1964 and 1967.

Mannion Videos

Films supplied by Nancy Mannion and captured by Darwin ProVideo.

The first piece of film recovered from old 8mm film taken by Jim Mannion.

This film is the Timber Creek area while John Gordon was the local Policeman.

Jim Mannion filmed his WWII travel to the Middle East in the Troopship Mauritania.

Surviving footage of Jim Mannion's deployment to Syria

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