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Horses - the spurs are rusty

Exert from "The Spurs are Rusty" - By Corin Lynch - Full Poem

One night he'd been telling me stories of drover's, When he said "Come 'ere kid" I ran over "I've something to give you lad" he then said to me. I could hardly wait to see what it might be. Then he handed me a pair of spurs, not just any spur, These spurs he said "Are not for using by coward or cur." The spurs come hand made from a bloke on Wave Hill, "Look careful boy, the makers mark is on them still." Spurs he said are not for abuse, loss of temper is no excuse. You don't put possum tracks on the shoulder, if you use 'em right. Wear 'em all the time son, but use them very light

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