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Honda Police Motorcycle Donated to the Museum

A 1967 Honda 350 was donated to the Museum in 2011 - Read about it here. Brenton Hollitt had purchased the motorcycle at a caravan park in Tennant Creek for $200 twenty years ago. After restoring it over many years he undertook a 3000 km trek to bring it back to the NT and raise money for prostate cancer at the same time.

Scotty Mitchell joined him in Alice Springs. The keys were presented to Superintendent Bob Rennie for delivery to the museum. ABC News Video. This is a great asset for the museum and the generosity of Mr Hollitt is greatly appreciated.

This bike is currently on display at the Motor Vehicle Enthusiast Club in the old QANTAS Hanger in Parap.

Bike Details:

Brand: Honda CB350

Model: CB350E

Year: 1967 Serial #: CB350E-4181452 Chassis #: CB350-4122256 Speedo: 12075.90 miles Condition: Restored

Handover ceremony

The motorcycle was donated the to Museum at a handing over ceremony outside Government House, Esplanade, Darwin.

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