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TheGlock Semi Automatic Pistolwas introduced into active service in 1994 replacing the Smith & Wesson revolver. For the first time general duties members had an issued firearm that was on personal issue. This gave greater confidence in the condition of the firearm and ensured during surges and peak period that a personal defence weapon was available for every member.

Model 22 Glock Pistol
Model 22 Glock Pistol

The model selected was the Glock 22 chambered in .40S&W and for plain clothes members the smaller Glock 27 in the same calibre. The 'Glock Program' saw a three day transition course for current members to become qualified and recruit training saw a massive increase in training to an 11 day firearms training program during which each recruit fired well over 1000 rounds of ammunition. The original instructor program was run by Tim Lloyd and Mick Brennan from the NT Police. Frank DiNuzzo, who was at the time Assistant Director of Training for Glock and previously in charge of the transition program for the NYPD, ran an instructor workshop to hone the skills of the instructional staff prior to the roll out. A firearm training simulator made by FATS was purchased to allow 'judgemental training' to be conducted and assessed in a realistic environment. Later 'simunition' was used to allow for scenario training to involve a firearm option thereby increasing realism.

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