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CARTER, Suzanne

Detective Sergeant Suzanne Carter joined the Northern Territory Police on 15 May, 1978. She graduated as ‘dux’ of her recruit training course - an outstanding achievement considering her recruit course of 63 was the largest ever held in the Northern Territory.

Following recruit training she commenced her career as a General Duties member in Darwin. She was soon seconded to work with Police Prosecutions before moving to the Darwin Criminal Investigation Branch on 21 June, 1979. She formed part of the Fraud Unit and remained dedicated to this area of criminal investigation for the next 32 years.

She was promoted to Sergeant in 1987 and remained the Officer In Charge of the Fraud Unit from that time until the present.

Detective Sergeant Carter is NT Police’s most experienced fraud investigator, and is the longest continuous serving fraud investigator in any policing jurisdiction in Australia. She has represented the Northern Territory Police on many fraud related National Working Parties, including the National Approach to Fraud Control Working Party, the Australasian Police Identity Crime Working Party, the National Identity Security Strategy and e-Crime Manager’s Group and e-Crime Committee.

In 1994, Detective Sergeant Carter graduated from the (then) Northern Territory University attaining a Bachelor of Business (Accounting) Degree.

In 2000, Detective Sergeant Carter’s dedication and ability as a fraud investigator was officially recognised when she was awarded the Australian Police Medal. She is also the recipient of the NT Police Service Medal with 10 and 20 and 30 year clasps and the National Medal with 15 and 25 year clasps.

Detective Sergeant Carter has been involved in the development of the Criminal Property Forfeiture Act; an Act that has contributed significantly to the betterment of the Northern Territory Community through the seizure of forfeiture of criminal proceeds.

Throughout her career Detective Sergeant Carter has been heavily involved in educating and providing advice to both Police and the Northern Territory Community in relation to fraud matters.

Detective Sergeant Carter is an outstanding Police Officer who has demonstrated a high level of devotion to duty over many years. She has maintained a very high standard of personal integrity and work ethic throughout her career.

She is without peer in the area of fraud investigation and is widely respected for her capability in managing fraud related matters. Unfortunately, upon her official retirement on 28 August 2012, she takes a wealth of knowledge and experience with her that cannot be readily replaced. After 32 years of loyal service she will be sorely missed by her comrades.

Detective Sergeant Carter’s last working day was on 21 October 2011

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